You're looking at the website for Golden Shoulders, a band from Nevada City, Calfornia. I'm sorry to say it's August 24, 2016 already.
August 24, 2016

Today's Golden Shoulders Fun Fact:
On this date in 2004, Golden Shoulders released their second full-length album, ''Friendship Is Deep.'' Their friends thought the first album was much better, which is why the third album was called ''Our Friends Can Eat It.''

It's 2016 now. That seems so futuristic. Like we should be communicating through computers by now or something.

You can see our tour dates in that little box down there to the right; if we're touring, please come see us and bring a thousand friends. And suggest to your friends who live in towns where you don't live that they come see us too. If we have fun on tours, we'll tour more often. We're simple people that way. Other ways too.

Our latest full-length album (which shamefully came out years ago, but I promise we're working on new songs) is called "Get Reasonable," which is actually perfectly good advice for your day to day life. You are able to buy it from us or from Clocktower Records in Grass Valley, CA (if you live near where we live), or from iTunes. And we certainly hope you do.

Speaking of music accessibility, if you want to listen to most of our music from the past 14 years, you can get all of our recordings from the iTunes music store. Even the weird ones.

Questions and extravagant cash donations can be sent to You can find us on the once-popular Facebook internet service, if you're into that. Feel free to find us there. Be good!


Golden Shoulders
Nevada City, California


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We have played/will play shows:

mar 26 sat Golden Shoulders, X Lovers, Davia at the Off Center Stage, 315 Richardson Street, Grass Valley, 8pm $12 a/a
apr 15 fri Sarah Bethe Nelson feat. Rusty Miller, Golden Shoulders at the Fox & Goose, 1001 R St, Sacramento, 21+ $5 9pm
apr 16 sat Golden Shoulders, Jessica Agnew & Davia at the Warehouse, 792 Nevada Street, Nevada City, a/a $5 8pm
apr 18 mon Golden Shoulders, Sally Yoo at Marilyn Mansion, 319 E 700 S, Salt Lake City, UT a/a $5 suggested donation 8pm
apr 19 tue Golden Shoulders, Celesta & Jeanine at Three Leaches Theatre, 985 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO a/a $5 7pm
apr 20 wed Golden Shoulders, Noah Jacob Schmidt at the Dusty Bookshelf, 700 N. Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan, KS a/a $5 8pm
apr 22 fri Golden Shoulders, Sad Brad Smith at Phlearn Studio, 700 N Sacramento, Chicago, IL a/a $5 9:30pm
apr 23 sat Golden Shoulders, MEANDTHEDOG at PCBC, 884 Penniman Avenue, Plymouth, MI a/a $5 suggested donation 8pm
apr 24 sun Golden Shoulders, Macy K at CoWork155, 155 W Market St, York, PA a/a $5 suggested donation 6:30pm (it's a musical potluck, so bring a dish to share, please! byob)
apr 25 mon Golden Shoulders at Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 21+ $5 suggested donation 8pm exactly (be there before 8, honestly)
apr 27 wed Golden Shoulders, Manipulator Alligator at the Dusty Bookshelf, 708 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS a/a $5 8pm
apr 28 thu Golden Shoulders, Bonnie Jeanne at The Local Market, 213 N. Main St., Gunnison, CO a/a $5 suggested donation 7pm
apr 29 fri Junior Mathematics, Golden Shoulders, Our Future Selves at the Garage, 162 E 500 S, Provo, UT a/a free (gas money donations encouraged) 7pm

You can view an archive of our past performances here.

We mostly take pictures when we're on tour or when we're recording some new music. If you want to keep up with us that way, you can follow us on Instagram here: @goldenshoulders. Here are some recent examples for your perusal:

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