You're looking at the website for Golden Shoulders, a band from Nevada City, California. I'm sorry to say it's May 20, 2024 already.
May 20, 2024

Today's Golden Shoulders Fun Fact:
Just like you and your friends, the members of Golden Shoulders will occasionally send one another ''text messages,'' using sophisticated ''mobile phones'' and their own ''stupid fingers.''

For example, on this date in 2011, singer Brett Shady and songwriter Adam Kline had the following exchange:

Brett: I saw a bumper sticker that said ''I'm the mommy, that's why!'' I looked at who was driving, it was Morgan Freeman, my funny mommy!

Adam: Eeeeeeee

Important Context: Brett saw a dumb bumper sticker, then spiced up his story with a phony celebrity sighting to make it more exciting. Adam was thrilled.

Morgan Freeman IS Brett's funny mommy. That much is true.

It's 2024 now. That seems so futuristic. Like we should be communicating through computers by now or something.

You can see our tour dates in that little box down there to the right; if we're touring, please come see us and bring a thousand friends. And suggest to your friends who live in towns where you don't live that they come see us too. If we have fun on tours, we'll tour more often. We're simple people that way. Other ways too.

Our latest full-length album is called "Could This Be the End," and it was released on September 13th, 2019. It's got 14 songs, and it's as upbeat and peppy as the title suggests. It's available from your local record store, Bandcamp, the iTunes Music Store, the Amazon Music Store, Spotify, etc., etc. If you're looking for physical copies, this one is available as a CD and also an LP, and you can get those from our Bandcamp merch page. We hope you like it, on account of how long it took us to make it! Yikes. Ten years between albums, man. Unacceptable.

Really, if you want to listen to most of our music from the past 22 years, and we hope you do, you can get all of our recordings from the iTunes music store or on the popular Spotify music streaming service. Even the weird ones.

Questions and extravagant cash donations can be sent to You can find us on the once-popular Facebook internet service, if you're into that. Feel free to find us there. Be good, please!


Golden Shoulders
Nevada City, California


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We have played/will play shows:

may 25 sat Golden Shoulders, Big Whoop at the Fern, 235 Commercial St, Nevada City +21 $15 9pm

You can view an archive of our past performances here.

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